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 Beginning of Part II- The Gate

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PostSubject: Beginning of Part II- The Gate   Mon Jan 08, 2007 5:28 am

Christina, Mercy and the children begin their journey. The major difference I see right away is that in part I, Christian and others were required to give up everything, and only think of God, in their journeys. In part II Christina is obviously thinking of her children and their well being, as well as her own spiritual journey. Is this allowable for women who are mothers? Expected from them?

Also Christina seems to be more interested in reaching her husband, than being absolved of sin and reaching God and the Celestial City. Is this based on the time and culture that the book was written in? And if this is the author's view of women, then why did he spend so much time convincing 'Christina' that she could hold her own, in a literary work (in the intro to the chapter), which to me says the author has great respect for her.

What do you think??
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Beginning of Part II- The Gate
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