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 chapters 20-35

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PostSubject: chapters 20-35   Wed Dec 20, 2006 10:21 am

I think the many tangents are disrupting to the overall story.Some of the minor characters stories are interesting but some seem almost pointless. DQ is able to explain away all his bad behavior because he is a 'knight' and that sweeps away what is against the law, rude or unethical. He breaks promises to Sancho, puts him off, or puts him down because DQ is, after all, THE knight and thus has Sanchos best interests at heart.. (Parallels the U.S. and its all consuming desire to instill demoncracy on all countries regardless of anothers wishes or the price others pay, because the U.S. is all knowing about what is 'right' and good for the rest of the world.Could parrallel Spain and the spread of Christianity) Is Don Quixote insane and theefore not liable for his behavior? DQ is enthralled by what he has read of others knightly actions and seeks to copy them, just as he considers becoming a wild man, imagining the wrongs done to him by Dulcenea instead of getting the facts. He was impressed by Cardenios story and behavior, as what a truly noble person would do.
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PostSubject: I like the Analogy   Wed Dec 20, 2006 2:23 pm

I really like your analogy comparing DQ's behavior with that of major countries of power. I think that is a good point. I also see that DQ and his ally, SP, can rationalize their behavior regardless of the consequences. Which, as we all know, is common in the political world.
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chapters 20-35
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